The Page 17 story, starting in sophomore English at Glenbard North High School.

Boy walks into class. Boy gets thin paperback textbook. Boy can’t stop rereading advice on page 17: “Omit needless words.” Boy grows up, writes ad copy and leads creative departments before deciding to venture off on his own. You enter the story here. You’re looking for wow-worthy ideas and crisp copy. You get it. You need editing and proofing help. You get it. You could use a personal writing coach who tailors a mentorship to your specific challenges. You guessed it: you get it. You’re delighted. We’re happy. Boy’s high school English teacher is downright giddy.


A few words about the word wonk


BILL STADICK // Founder, Sr. Writer

Bill has logged many years as an advertising copywriter, creative director and branding specialist (almost wrote guru, don’t judge). Most recently, he served as director of content and brand development at Charleston|Orwig in Hartland, Wisconsin. 

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