The business benefit of subscribing to a pictureless blog.

We have nothing against infographics, stunning photography and embedded videos. We’ve spent decades partnering with gifted designers and directors. We plan to continue working with them.

It’s just that we’re geeks about the potential of the written word.

To surprise.

To influence.

To hold attention in a world that too often devolves into played-out expressions and polysyllabic passivity.


To paraphrase our hero, Howard Gossage: “People don’t read blog posts. They read what interests them. And sometimes, it’s a blog post.”

How do we intend to do this? With story, metaphor, witticism, unexpected turns of phrase and the occasional rant.

And the business benefit? When we’re doing our job, you’ll experience just how much can be accomplished with the killer app of killer apps: the written word. And when we’re failing, we expect to hear from you. This is about all of us becoming better writers together.

This ship is about to leave the station. This train is about to leave port. Won’t you join us on this journey to come up with a long-overdue replacement for the tiresome journey metaphor?